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Limited functionality, questionable security and complicated UI are among the major factors that hinder cryptocurrency wallet adoption and use. PixelPlex decided to tackle these issues and provide a viable solution within the Echo* blockchain ecosystem.

The goals were to:

Build an easy-to-use yet powerful wallet around the Echo blockchain;

Implement the support of ERC20 token standard & Echo local node;

Introduce a multi-account management feature & intuitive UI design;

Implement cryptographic security methods & end-to-end encryption for tamper-proof recorded transactions.

Building around the Echo network, PixelPlex introduced a next-generation desktop wallet as a convenient tool for making cryptocurrency transactionsIts main functionality includes sending & receiving funds, calling smart contracts, managing multiple accounts and viewing the activity log.

Blip as Part of Echo’s Ecosystem

The interface of Blip is integrated with Echo’s blockchain API, thus all provided wallet services run within the Echo ecosystem. The functionality of local node support allows the possibility for users to take part in the consensus process of the network.

The main currency of Blip is ECHO. However, all ERC20-compliant token types can easily be added to the wallet. Apart from showing total wallet balance in its core ECHO coin, Blip also indicates individual balance for each digital asset separately within a single UI.

All user private keys are stored locally on desktop’s local storage directory. To implement this mechanism of key retention, we built an extra layer of encryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Approved by the US federal government, this cryptographic algorithm is widely used for encrypting top secret information.

Blip as Feature-Rich Solution

Apart from wallet auto-lock, account import and recovery, Blip also offers multilingual support and automatic generation of a unique QR code. The QR code coupled with a corresponding link contains all payment parameters needed for a transaction, and both serve as a quick and easy way to send someone a request for payment.

Echo BattleShips Game Features

Transaction History feed page displays all recent wallet activity in full detail. Even for users who are new to Echo and its ecosystem, navigating through Blip will be a breeze.

While combining usability with a high level of privacy and security, Blip makes a great desktop wallet option for everyday transactions or for holding cryptocurrency as an investment.

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Multi-account wallet management

Local storage of private keys

Support of Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens

Local node support & consensus participation

Ability to set the default account for all transactions

5 months





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