Online platform for reward and donation-based crowdfunding built on Ethereum smart contracts with its own KickCoin token. Over $500m raised up to date.



KICKICO is an ecosystem-based fundraising blockchain platform that enables buying tokens of groundbreaking startup projects. The platform earned the “ICO of the Year” title when it launched in 2017.

The crowdfunding industry is facing the following problems:

There are no guarantees for backers, hence they can only rely on and trust the founder of the campaign they support;

Top-end platforms have high fees and hidden costs;

Placing a campaign is expensive and legally challenging;

Many big projects with a large budget in PR and marketing hinder the development of small campaigns and projects;

Instead of investing time and resources in product development and improvement, founders spend valuable assets on creating landing pages and advertising campaigns from scratch;

Market fragmentation negatively affects potential backers;

ICO projects are announced via different exchanges, using different cryptocurrencies;

According to statistics, 80-90% of projects that raised funds did not release their product to market. As a result, a huge number of people lost not only their money, but also faith in crowdfunding.

We wanted to address these problems by helping the founders of KickICO achieve the following goals:

 Help innovators, game developers, entrepreneurs, designers and other creative people to translate their ideas into reality regardless of their location, origin or socioeconomic status;

 Create a convenient place for founders of ICO campaigns and for backers;

 Establish an aggregator, allowing to easily and quickly view current campaigns in a convenient format, discuss them in one place and communicate with campaign founders and other members of the crypto-funding community.

KickICO is a synergistic platform for different audiences that have not previously interacted. Creators get access to a broader pool of investors, new sources of funding, acquire help from consultants and significantly reduce their overhead costs. Backers get guaranteed protection from failed projects: getting liquid KickCoins in exchange for their investments, and access to a wide range of projects. Advisors, moderators, designers, translators and other specialists from around the world have an opportunity to receive remuneration for their contribution to the development of projects.

Ethereum-Powered Smart Contracts

Ethereum technology makes it possible to organize crowd-investing campaigns regardless of their location, citizenship, jurisdiction or any other barrier. Crowdinvesting campaigns are almost identical to ICO campaigns, but the authors distribute a limited number of their tokens. Each of these tokens denotes some part of the ownership of the company or participation in receiving dividends.

KickCoin Tokens

The KickCoin digital token is a virtual currency used to pay for launching crowdfunding projects, acquisition of services and other domestic payments within the framework of KickICO and KickONOMY infrastructure. KickCoin is a cryptocurrency that is awarded to backers who support crowdfunding campaigns, pre-ICO or ICO.

KickCoins are automatically generated by KickICO smart contract only when someone supports a campaign running on the platform with their own equity, so they are never taken “out of nowhere”. Since KickCoins are not created any other way, there will be no oversupply on the market.

KICK ecosystem supports all major cryptocurrency use cases with a unified architecture, while also supporting fiat payments for some transactions.


KickICO earned “ICO of the Year” award the year it was launched. KickICO community now has over 55,000 participants and its token is traded on ten leading crypto exchanges. More than 35 successful startups have been launched via KickICO platform, including the likes of INS, Micromoney, Hacken and Universa, raising over 800,000 ETH. Overall, KickICO has already generated more than 500,000,000 USD over the short span of its existence. The project annually hosts its own blockchain and crypto event, gathering more than 3,000 people and over 50 international industry experts.

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 ICO with a hidden cap

 Token dividend distribution on smart contract level

 ICO smart contract generator, running entirely on Ethereum blockchain (wizard)

 A server layer with an API for seamless integration


funds raised

12 weeks





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