Influencer marketing platform for making promotions on Instagram by inserting a unique link to a previously generated companion page in influencer’s bio section.



Instagram is taking a proactive approach to cutting out spam. Actionable URLs to websites are not supported, for it would be bad for the platform’s user experience and may damage the brand’s image among its major user groups. To prevent profiles from being hacked and misused, Instagram provides only one clickable link in the bio section.

Such a restriction reduces the platform’s appeal for businesses and influencers. The limit to hyperlinks makes advertising campaigns and affiliate marketing on Instagram a challenging idea to tackle.

Linkspace is a much easier way for Instagram users to direct traffic from the platform to the right content and products anywhere on the web.

The influencer marketing platform allows Instagram influencers to create a companion page that their followers can visit by clicking on a single link in their Instagram profile. This unique link is generated automatically by the app and leads to a separate page containing the list of links previously added through the app. A single gateway URL placed in the bio section of an Instagram profile allows users to navigate to the original page to find more information about products or services advertised.

The idea and vision for the project were brought to us by the client, while our team was working on all stages of the SDLC process. The team is currently working on bringing this solution to life.

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Automatic generation of unique URLs

Ability to create a separate page for promotion links

Ability to insert advertising links and icons for App Store or Google Play apps

3 months





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