An Ethereum-based decentralized casual gaming platform used for PvP gameplay and tournaments

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Most gaming platforms do not accept cryptocurrency and have overcomplicated user funds withdrawal processes, such as the large amount of time on transactions and high minimum withdrawal amounts. Not to mention the commissions that the services charge players. Lack of transparency in gaming results, awards and payouts all add up to the notion of an unfair process.

The vision for the project was to create a platform for game developers, allowing them to:

Integrate payments in ETH

Reduce withdrawal fees and eliminate intermediaries

Make wagers and awards transparent using Ethereum blockchain, while providing fun casual gaming experience for users

Miniwager is a gaming platform built on Ethereum allowing players to play games in PvP and compete in tournaments to win ether prizes.

Users are provided with a way to play casual games online, having the opportunity to place wagers on outcomes in ETH. Players deposit their funds to dedicated Ethereum accounts (generated for each player), and can withdraw funds at their discretion. This is achieved by having the system owner’s wallet installed on the project server, and by generating addresses for all new user accounts.

The platform borrows the best features from top casual web games. Therefore, MiniWager games (the likes of “Pool” and “Bubble Shooter”) are irresistible and easy to play.

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Login / Registration via email/password or Facebook account

Ethereum address generation for each account

ETH deposits and withdrawals

Smart contract-based wagers

Casual web games

Awards and winnings distributed based on players’ score in games

8 months





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