PixelPlex provided key development for the first decentralized, provably fair global betting platform based on Graphene blockchain with DPoS consensus



Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA) is a non-profit organization registered under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. The purpose of PBSA is to promote provably fair gaming standards for the Peerplays blockchain in Canada and internationally.

PBSA develops standards for gaming and betting, and is an active advocate and educator for these standards across a broad range of industries and communities.

The betting industry has long been and remains under the negative influence of the following factors:

 Regulatory frameworks are out-of-date, slow and inefficient, while self-regulation by betting operators leads to obvious unfavorable outcomes;

Untrustworthy betting operators take advantage of bettors to increase their revenues;

Betting transactions are stored on centralized servers which offer zero transparency.

PBSA has a mission to ensure the integrity of the betting industry with the introduction of their own implementation of a blockchain based on BitShares 2.0 technology, Peerplays, the first decentralized global betting platform.

The goals for this project were to:

Introduce a provably fair platform for betting that supports real-time transactional transparency;

Allow placing bets from anywhere in the world, without the need of having a bank account or credible credit history;

Provide an opportunity to bet on any game, event or activity;

Exclude involvement of any third-party betting operators and financial institutions;

Ensure a high level of privacy, security and anonymity.

PixelPlex was invited to jump onboard Peerplays development and help to achieve these goals by providing several key elements to expand the functionality of the platform.

PixelPlex contributed to Peerplays project by providing key feature development:

Peerplays core wallet;

Front-end and back-end web app development;

Protocol-level development on Graphene;

Adding a sidechain of Bitcoin to Peerplays network;

Game & app development for Peerplays blockchain.

Initially, we have allocated a team of 12 blockchain developers for the project, as well as a front-end developer and a UI/UX designer. The team composition was changing depending on current project requirements.

Peerplays Core Wallet

The desktop wallet allows immediate access to funds and anonymous control over each transaction. It provides a simple and convenient UI for anyone to store, manage and use their PPY tokens.

Peerplays Core Wallet also allows voting. Anyone who holds Peerplays tokens can participate in voting by adding the name of the witness to the voting section of their wallet. The wallet then sends this information directly to Peerplays blockchain. Each token has a weighted vote, allowing the owner to take part in the community and maintenance of the network.

Bitcoin Sidechain

The sidechain allows for fast, cryptographically-secured deposits and withdrawals in BTC.

Public broadcast of each transaction is executed on the blockchain in real time. As soon as a bet is placed, anyone can view the full audit trail of that bet, marking a step change in betting industry standards for transparency.

Protocol-Level Development on Graphene

Our team has done several updates to Graphene blockchain protocol to further support and sustain efficient betting on the platform, as well as implement mechanics for asset/raffle ticket generation and random winner selection using string hash mechanism for block generation to provide truly random values.

As a result of this work, PeerPlays provides a stable solution suitable for gaming and betting industries to base their applications on.

Graphene technology gives Peerplays financial market-grade performance and reliability with years of successful deployment logged via the BitShares blockchain.

The use of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus removes third-party betting operators from the equation (traditional sportsbooks and betting exchanges), creating a completely independent platform where 100% trust is inherent in the core technology.

Game & App Development for Peerplays Blockchain

PixelPlex has already introduced and continues development of applications and games based on PeerPlays blockchain:

HelmBet RPS is an open-source, desktop version of the popular game Rock-Paper-Scissors. It has the same element of unpredictability and excitement that of a live game, successfully adapted for the digital era, allowing players to participate in online tournaments and place bets.

Sweeps is an instant lottery ticket application. It allows buying in on a lottery without having to go to the local gas station, supermarket or any other location. You have that functionality at the tip of your fingers.

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Pixelplex took part in development and contributed to the following Peerplays features:

Anonymous control over transactions;

Storage, management, disbursement of PPY tokens;

Voting functionality;

Web app and block explorer UI for users;

String hash mechanism for block generation;

Protocol-level asset-based lottery mechanics;

Blockchain-based bitcoin sidechain;

Transaction bandwidth of over 10,000 tps.






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