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Open communication, equality and loyalty are the foundation of PixelPlex culture.

PixelPlex is a company with rich history, talented experts, strong team spirit and high moral values. Each representative of our staff contributes to PixelPlex legacy and long history of supporting innovation and developing outstanding products.PixelPlex encourages inclusion and diversity. Team members feel supported and their ideas are cherished by the company. This creates a healthy working environment with unity and loyalty as primary values.

Our History

Since 2007 we’ve managed to make hundreds of clients from all around the world happy by turning their most cherished ideas into products that perform well, inspire, and win international recognition.


Founded in 2007, PixelPlex entered the global market as a small software company focusing on web and mobile applications development. Since then, we have embarked on the exciting journey of smart and innovative technology integration.


The milestone of the year is our getting into the Internet of Things industry. As IoT is evolving and making its way into daily life, the implementation of this technology within our company has offered tremendous value to all our customers. At PixelPlex, we realize the true significance of IoT development and keep working hard on incredibly interesting IoT projects.


Since 2013, following first crypto exchanges and the development of data storage solutions, we have been actively building and implementing Blockchain-based solutions. Up to now, we have already delivered 50+ Blockchain projects, providing responsive, scalable and reliable products.

Meet the team

Meet the leaders and talents who make the decentralized future a reality

Alexei Dulub

Founder and CEO

Maxim Ignatow

Head of Quality Assurance

Yulia Gushchina

Head of Blockchain Business Development

Andrei Grod

Delivery Manager

Viktor Pulyak

Chief Technology Officer

Vladimir Lebedevich

Head of Mobile Development

Eduard Topchyan

Head of Blockchain Department

Dmitry Siziakin

Head of Business Analysis


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Privacy Policy

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